Saturday, 22 June 2019

Dungeon Samurai Volume 2: Kami no Kishi Review

If you have read my review of volume one of this saga found here, then you will know that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second volume starts six months after the first. Our heroes have now gotten somewhat used to their situation, and things are starting to become a little routine for them in some ways. However, it wouldn't be much of a story if things just became run-of-the-mill, and Kit Sun does not disappoint.

Not only do the antagonists start to learn and adapt tactics, much like our heroes, but newer tougher enemies pop-up too. The stakes increase, even as our heroes gain an extra edge or two against the forces of the dungeon.

The way that Kit Sun actually shows the humans constantly adapting their tactics and equipment to newer threats and situations is refreshing compared to some stories that I have read where things remain somewhat stagnant. Not only that, but he also continues to show the 'behind-the-scenes' parts of military endeavours such as the miners, the farmers, the blacksmiths, etc, that fuel the war-machine, as it were, without getting bogged down in minutiae. Every little glimpse of this background detail is woven in to the story seamlessly, and you barely notice it happen without looking for it. Our heroes also constantly adapt too, growing as individuals, and as a group.

If the story had remained like the original entry, I would have been fine with it, but Kit Sun manages to not only take the original entry's strengths and maintain them, he manages to amp things up without them being overwhelming.

Overall, this is a great sequel to the original entry, and manages to not only match it's predecessor, but surpass it in every way. Definitely worth reading!

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